Travel Tips

International (and Domestic) Travel Necessities

I travel a lot and always try to find items that make life easier when we are on the go. These things are a must for me when traveling internationally and also helpful when traveling within the US. I have provided links to all of my favorites. I hope these help create less stress while on your journey.

**I am not being compensated in any way by promoting these items. This is my personal opinion only! 

Travel Jacket lightweight and easy to pack in a carryon. A must for all seasons.

Passport Holder There are many options for this, but I love this one, because you can keep all important docs together.

Backpack I absolutely LOVE my Fjallraven backpack. I carry it on the daily, even when not traveling.

Luggage Scale This saves stress at the airport! No one wants to pay overweight fees. Pack it to re-weigh on your return as well (in case you shopped a lot)

European Travel Adapter An obvious necessity! Don’t try to buy in Europe. They’re expense and horrible quality.

Collapsible Laundry Basket I literally use this on every trip! I even pack it after it’s filled, so my dirty clothes stay separated from my clean!

Cell Phone Power Bank When traveling internationally, your phone battery dies faster. This is another obvious necessity as long as you remember to keep it charged.

Travel Blanket A perfect little blanket for your long flight..even in the summer.

Travel Pillow Love the memory foam pillows!

Suitcase This suitcase is amazing!! It even has a built in charger. Reasonably priced, too!

Packing Cubes A wonderful packing tip! Use these!!!

3.5mm Headphones Eventually all airlines will upgrade their outlets, but the majority of airlines still have 3.5mm.

Safe Travels, Friends!