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Cumberland, St. Simons and Jekyll Island | Georgia

Three absolutely stunning islands, all within driving distance from Florida.

Let’s start with Cumberland Island….wild horses and a breathtaking, barely touched beach. For me, it was a surreal experience.

I arrived in St Mary and hopped on the Cumberland Island Ferry (they have weird hours and rules, so website research is a must) and after a 45 minute fairy ride, I made it to the island. I carried a backpack with me with water, a sandwich and some snacks. It was a 5 hour hike and some spots were hard to trek through. I wish I would’ve brought my hammock, but there was plenty of places to rest and refuel. There were about 40 other people on the ferry, but everyone went their separate ways, so most of the time I was alone. Of course, I chose to take the long trail so I could see more. Always the best choice!  After about 30 minutes of hiking, I saw the first horse. After that, they were popping up everywhere. I could get pretty close to them, but not close enough to touch. The Dungeons Ruins on the island was a highlight. It was crazy to think someone lived there. The history of the island is so fun! For me, its history made the it more mysterious.  I took the 11am Ferry and came back at sunset. Lots of people even camped overnight. The Cumberland Island National Seashore website has every detail to make the trip enjoyable. You have to plan ahead!

” …wild horses and a breathtaking, barely touched beach. For me, it was a surreal experience.

I went to Jekyll Island looking for one thing….the driftwood! It took me a couple tries to find the driftwood on the island, but when I did, it was remarkable. As soon as I reached the end of the wooded trail and saw the ocean, I was in awe. The old trees stood perfectly imperfect. I climbed and jumped and made my way through hundreds of them. It was drizzling that day and overcast, which made for an even better experience. There’s much more to do on this South Georgia Island, but I specifically came for the driftwood! I spent about two hours exploring. I look forward to going back when the weather is different. I’d love to see the sun shining and setting on these beauties.

On one of my trips back from Savannah, we stopped in St Simons. My first impression was a small fisherman’s town. There were people catching and selling crabs along the pier and men catching HUGE red fish. My friend Missy and I walked along the rocky shore and chatted with the locals. They also have the cutest little shops downtown. Definitely a can’t miss city on this South Georgia Island road trip!

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